Applicant Tracking System: The New Way of Fast And Efficient Recruitment

Applicant Tracking System is software that is specifically designed to help the recruiters in recruiting process and makes the recruiting process simple, easy, fast and efficient. An Applicant Tracking System performs many tasks on the go and offers you fast and efficient solution at the lower price.

For the candidates ATS offers easy and convenient tools to apply for various jobs through various job portal sites or through organization’s own websites. Once you register one the sites you can access unlimited jobs on these websites that is according to your qualification you also receive SMS alerts whenever there is vacancy according to your profile.

Now let’s see how Applicant Tracking System helps the recruiters in recruitment process:

  • For the recruiters ATS is quite useful as increases the recruiter productivity. Now you can post online jobs on various job boards, receive responses and sort out the suitable candidates, communicate with the candidates and also track the entire staffing process. So in short we can say Applicant Tracking System helps to ease the workload of recruiters.
  • ATS software relatively reduces hiring cost. There are many websites where you can place your job advertisement for free and reach to the wider range of candidates. When you choose newspaper or other traditional methods of job posting , it attracts only limited talents but the social media and job boards creates your global presence and helps you to get talent from various arts of the world.
  • ATS also helps you to recruit employees faster .Many times consuming tasks like sorting, screening, candidate communication is performed by the software in quick time. You can easily search for the specific candidates using keywords.
  • As ATS has global reach it allows recruiter to recruit better quality employees from the industry.

So if your are a recruiter then it is the time for you to get rid from the old methods of recruitment and say hello to the new Applicant Tracking System and experience the hassle free recruitment process at low price.

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