Downtime: The Nightmare For The Recruiting Agency

In the ever changing world of recruitment one thing is common and exists almost in all the organization that is downtime. Almost all the recruiters hate it but they do not find the way to get rid form this dirty scenario and find them stuck in it many times. A recruiting agency incurs heavy lose due to downtime. The downtime can be considered as the precious time that you wasted in searching the same candidates many time. Sometime your system may crash down and you have to wait for several minutes to boot your system.

Now let us see why the downtime arises:

System Without Automation:

We all know the recruitment process and almost all the recruiters follow the same recruitment process. the steps involved in recruitment is same the companies get the need form the cline and depending on the needs they post the opening ,attracts the candidates most ,send for the interview and wait for the clients response whether they have hire the candidate or not or more simply we can say if the candidate is according to their requirements. To store the information of the clients or the candidates complies follow the traditional method they either maintain a excel sheet or use some software. There are some companies that use online recruitment software but still fills the candidate’s details in excel because their software is not able to parse the resume or do not support different file format.

It takes lot of time to enter he detail and if the organization is big or the number of applicants is large you waste your precious time and money .So the downtown arises that is the hindrance for the growth of your organization. There are many companies that offer software that is automatic and can parse the resume easily so that you can save your time.

Incompetent Procedure:

The way the agencies work may differ but they perform the same task i.e.. to search for the best candidate and place them. Sometime we perform the same search again and again on the daily basis. It is consumes lot of time. Many software doesn’t offer customize tool that we and use according to our search need.

Outdated System:

Many times a recruiter faces problem just because the system is too old and not compatible with the current software. It leads the system to crash down every on and off and you need to upgrade your system. If a system crash down many times then you can lose your important time and some time your essential data.

The latest online recruitment software offers the solution of downtime .This software provides many inbuilt tools that will help you to overcome from downtime.