What Will Be The Best Applicant Tracking System For Recruitment Agencies Today?

Many times we have come across a situations where all our efforts to attract talents goes in vain .Either we post, tweet or do promotions on social media it does give the desire result. All efforts can go to waste if your applicant tracking system is not competent. Here are certain tips that will help you to chose the best applicant tracking system for your recruitment company.

Chose according to your need:

While choosing Application tracking software make sure that you acquire an ATS that fits according to your requirements. There are companies that claims that they have the best software nut don’t believe them blindly and do your own research

Easy to use:

the complicated and troublesome software will frustrate not only the recruiter but also the candidate who is accessing it if they won’t understand it. So chose an ATS that is simple and easy to use. A staff with minimum training should able to use it and as far as the applicant is concerned the software must be easy to navigate and fast.

Social recruitment:

When you are choosing make sure that your vendor offers the facility of social networking and other websites that are dedicated for the listings. Nowadays the recruitment via social media is in the rage and many candidates and recruiter prefer it to gain for competent candidates and to reach the large pool of applicants.

Search options:

when now many companies have accepted ATS as a core medium for the recruiting process still there are many software does offer the search facilities or if they have it is not efficient on different conditions. so when you pick your ATS make sure that is has a proper search engine that give fast and accurate result.

Customer care:

The customer care is also an important aspect to consider when you choose an ATS.Does your vendor after installation services? Sometime it happens that your system does not perform well or you are stuck in some creepy problem. So in downtime there must be a customer support to assist immediately when you are in need.


Before you choose a ATS do a research from your peer or others who are using it .You can get unbiased opinion from them. You can search through the web and read the experiences of the people who have used it. They are happy to share they views and can help you better than the sales team of a vendor. You can ask your vendor for the demo or the trail of the software for few days before you purchase it. You can ask your experts to check it on various conditions and if you are satisfied with the performance of the software you can definitely purchase it.

So software that offers all these services and compatible to your requirements it the best application tracking software. So before you buy follow these points and invest in best Application tracking system.